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Your Best DUI Defense Starts Here.

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Paulding County DUI Defense Lawyer

It’s very normal for a DUI charge to cause a great amount of anxiety that will likely make you want to get things taken care of as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, fully understanding how your DUI will affect your life will not happen until the entire process has run its course.  It will take time to see how the administrative license process and the criminal defense process turn out.   The best thing someone can do right after a DUI charge is work with a top-rated lawyer to ensure that someone knowledgeable and reliable is helping you through the process.  The DUI defense team at Phyllis law is dedicated to protecting your license, freedom and finances and has years of experience guiding Georgia’s accused drivers through the DUI process.

What You Need

(and can actually get)

After a DUI Charge

Paulding County DUI Defense Lawyer


Getting charged with DUI has many consequences. You need a plan to protect your license and your future. We can provide you that plan to increase your chances of the best outcome.


So, you know that you need a DUI lawyer, but how much will that cost? At Phyllis Law we offer flat-rate pricing. We will quote you a fee based on the facts and circumstances of the case. That fee will not change once you sign the contract.


Now that you have a plan in place and you know how much it will cost, put your trust in us. We encourage all our clients to try to get back to their normal lives as quickly as possible and let us do the heaving lifting.

A Plan for Your Defense

A Plan - How Do We Work Through the DUI Process?

There are some key deadlines that we need to meet – we will help you stay ahead of schedule and do what needs to be done to protect your license (appeal letter filed within 30 days of DUI arrest). 

 We also immediately begin working with both law enforcement and the prosecution as soon as you hire Phyllis Law to work towards review of evidence and possible negotiations for dismissal.

As soon as you hire us, we are on the case doing everything we can to protect your license, freedom and future.

Flat-Rate, All-Inclusive Pricing

A Price - How Much Does it Cost to Hire a DUI Lawyer?

You are already facing a lot of unknowns when you’ve been arrested for a DUI – how much your lawyer costs shouldn’t be another one. That’s why at Phyllis Law we use flat rate pricing. You get one price, and that’s the price.

How do other lawyers charge?

There is a huge range of what you might pay for a DUI lawyer.  Some attorneys will charge you hourly. This means you’re going to pay a retainer, which is a prepayment against the hourly charges you will incur during your defense.  Most DUI attorneys will quote you a flat rate price, but it’s important that you understand exactly what you are getting.  Has this lawyer successfully represented DUI clients in Paulding County?  Does this law firm have a team of experienced, top-rated lawyers?  

Should I Hire an Inexpensive DUI Lawyer?

Price is a huge concern for most people when hiring a lawyer, and for good reason. Lawyers are not cheap; especially good lawyers. If you hire a discount lawyer based on paying them as little as possible, you should not be surprised when they help you as little as possible. One of the most difficult things about hiring a lawyer is that the consumer is not always completely clear on what they will receive. When you hire the DUI attorneys at Phyllis Law you have our full attention and effort. We will work every possible angle to get you the best outcome after a DUI arrest.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind - When You've Done all You Can Do

While a DUI arrest is hardly the most relaxing thing you could experience, we want you to know that we’ve got you covered.  When you hire Phyllis Law you have a team of experienced DUI defenders on your side who will work tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome.  If there is a possible defense, we will find it, and if the process and procedures of law enforcement were anything less than flawless, we will work to expose those flaws and weaken the county’s case against you.   

Why Do I Need a DUI Lawyer?

A DUI Lawyer Helps You Acheive the Best Possible Outcome

Having a DUI Lawyer on your side is the best way to ensure that your case ends with the best possible outcome.   We can help you meet critical deadlines to protect your license, and look for every opportunity to reduce or eliminate the charges against you.  Don’t go into court by yourself and plead guilty hoping for mercy – you will not get it.   Do not let your DUI arrest become a prosecutor’s opportunity to show that they are “tough on crime” and get you the maximum fine and time in jail.   Contact our office today to start your DUI defense right now.

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